Offshore Partners AS (founded 2003) is a supplier of expert services and technological solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. Our expertise comprises 35 years’ of hands-on experience from design, project management and EPCI contracts related to offshore crude oil loading systems and shuttle tanker operations worldwide.

Our expertise has been proven by successful development of new solutions and prototype equipment for loading systems, subsea installations, production platforms and shuttle tankers, which have proved to be excellent and cost-effective in offshore crude oil loading operations.

Our customers have on several occasions benefited greatly from our innovative problem solving skills as well as ingenuity in design of new technology.

Our intellectual capital constitutes an ideal combination of in-depth knowledge, applied science, extensive practical experience and also some internationally patented inventions.

In addition to being a leading supplier our mission also spans R&D and commercialization of new technology aimed at the petroleum- and shipbuilding industries.